You Should Have Your Eyes Examined! But WHEN?

Many Fort Lauderdale Area Adults Need Vision Correction Numerous individuals need eyeglasses to wear all or part of the time, depending on the type of vision abnormality that is present in each eye. Statistics reveal that over 70% of South Florida adults wear eyeglasses throughout the day while approximately 10% of adults are able to … Continue reading You Should Have Your Eyes Examined! But WHEN?

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Why do polarized lenses hike up the price of those smooth looking prescription glasses you were checking out? A conspiracy guy might think it’s some kind of retail sales gimmick to fatten the bottom line. The good news is that polarization is actually a thing and provides real benefits in certain light conditions. First let’s … Continue reading Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Broke my glasses on vacation

We were visiting a friend in Fort Lauderdale, and I sat on my glasses at the beach. Not only did the lens crack, but the frame was a goner. I found World EyeGlasses, and within 45 minutes I was wearing my new glasses! How AWESOME was that!? Really good people.  


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